Adorable Toddler With Down Syndrome Proudly Walks Aisle As Ring Bearer

When they asked 2-year-old Braden, a toddler with Down Syndrome, to be in their wedding, he wasn’t walking at all. After months of working hard to master the skill, Braden was able to walk down the aisle as ring bearer, and his gorgeous proud grin at the end is everything.

Two-year-old Braden, a little toddler with down syndrome, couldn’t walk when he was asked to be in a wedding. He practiced walking for months in order to perform his duty, and when the day came, he motored down the aisle like it was a racetrack.

Braden’s smile at the end of the aisle is too inspiring for words. In that one expression, you can see all the hard work he put in so that he could walk, even with the assistance of his walker, for this very special occasion. No doubt the bride and groom were touched by their little ring bearer’s dedication.