93 Yr Old Has Spent More Than 50 Years Building This Cathedral By Hand

God equipped this man and he has nearly finished a full-scale cathedral by himself in 50 years.

God sometimes expects people to do things they are the worst qualified for from the human perspective. Moses stuttered but was selected to be the mouthpiece of His chosen people. Noha was not a shipbuilder but was expected to build a ship so large, it could save all known animal species when the big rains came.

Quite similarly, this happens to be the case also with a man called Justo Gallego, who is living in Madrid, Spain. He felt the calling of God to build a cathedral single-handedly and has spent the last 50 years of his life dedicated to this task. It is by no means a miniature cathedral either, with everything from parish hall, crypt, dome and baptistery in the entryway, to mention just a few of the massive rooms.

Now already in his 90s, Justo is very much aware that he will not be able to complete his work during his lifetime. He has sold his house and all his belongings and dedicated himself to this enormous construction. Considering that he had no training as a builder and with no architectural experience, what he has built to date’s surmounts to the near impossible. Finishing his work, he says, he leaves up to the Devine Hand.

Justo is just a simple man with minimal requirements in line of earthly goods. He exclaimed that he did not want anything material. His achievement working under the guidance of God seems quite good enough for him to bring constant joy to his heart. At the beginning everybody laughed at me, he said, but it shows them what a man can do if you trust God. See for yourself what one man can accomplish when he keeps his hands busy with what he deems to be his divine destiny and take courage by listening to his story of pride in his achievement.

93 Yr Old Has Spent More Than 50 Years Building This Cathedral By Hand