93 year old original Gerber baby and the newest Gerber baby

The newest Gerber spokesbaby is an adorable young boy with Down syndrome, who met with the original Gerber baby for a lovely photo.

Few people know that the sketch of the beautiful Gerber baby is a sketch of an actual little baby girl from 1928. Her name is Ann Turner Cook, and she is currently more than 90 years old.

The sketch was made by artist Dorothy Hope Smith when Gerber was looking for a babyface to be the face of their campaign. Ann Turner Cook’s sketch was chosen, and the rest is history.

For 90 years, the “Gerber baby” has not changed, but that doesn’t mean Ann is the only spokesbaby for Gerber and their various products.

Starting in 2011, Gerber felt that it was time for a new angle to their campaign, and they sought to find more spokes babies, one for every year. The special element was that each year, Gerber diversifies their spokesbabies more and more, in an effort to demonstrate that the world stands to gain a lot more if people unite rather than stay divided.

Every baby is a Gerber baby, according to the company, and the latest Gerber baby happened to be Lucas Warren, a baby with Down syndrome.

When Ann learned that Lucas happened to be in the neighborhood, she invited him and his parents over for a visit and a delightful photo of them both.

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