3-Year-Olds Run To Each Other In Heartwarming Lockdown Reunion

Lockdown, quarantine, shelter-in-place – whatever you’re used to calling it, the state of the globe is far from what we’re used to. While taxing for adults, the social distancing has caused separation challenges for kids as well. After seeing the reunion, you’ll soon see how much.

Three-year-old Madison Rosboschil is overjoyed to see her cousin James, of the same age. The two had been ‘Facetimig’, but now that Texas restrictions have been lifted, the two could finally play together again, and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear at their meeting.

There’s not a moment of this touching reunion that doesn’t cease to make you smile, warming the heart at every step of the way. If you think those cuties running toward each other is adorable, just wait.

Two-months of lockdown have indeed made the heart grow fonder for these loving three-year-olds. What an open showing of affection. I can’t think of anything more inspiring than seeing those two play – hope is alive!