19-Year-Old Pays It Forward, Helping Hungry Truck Driver At Closed Wendy’s

A tired truck driver by the name of Justin Martin was running out of places to stop, find food, a place to refresh, and safety to rest. It’s a problem faced by truckers all around the world during this tough time. You’ll be shocked by the act of kindness that he wasn’t expecting.

The hungry truck driver with no options for food on the road noticed a closed Wendy’s, but he tried his luck anyway. All the food had just been thrown out after closing, but a nineteen-year-old manager decided to break the rules and help out his fellow human.

Giving away free food is against the rules, but the compassionate young man put together a bag of food that hadn’t quite made it to being thrown out yet. Justin Martin tried his best to pay for the food, but Zach refused completely. He was out to help.

Justin was so moved by the act of kindness that he immediately shared his gratitude online. The world has fallen in love with the compassionate young manager, who, of course, got into no form of trouble for opening his heart.