Wives know more than husbands in this funny routine

In this amusing comedy routine, Fred Klett explains why his wife knows everything – and he knows nothing.

According to comedian Fred Klett, wives know a lot more than their husbands do about everything. And in this hilarious routine, he sets out to prove his point.

Using funny moments and relatable stories, Klett shows how his wife of 25 years uses her knowledge to trip him up during everyday events.

For example, there was a day when he opened the back door for a moment and she claimed he had allowed 800 mosquitoes in the house.

The stories become funnier and more exaggerated as the routine continues, making the audience laugh and cheer throughout the comedy set.

Perhaps best of all, Klett never resorts to insults or bad language when telling his jokes, making this a fun, clean comedy routine that anyone can enjoy.

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Wives know more than husbands in this funny routine