This $50 Stop-Motion Animation Made From Dollar Store Items Is Brilliantly Hilarious

Adorable stop-motion movie “The Silly Duck Wizard” introduces us to a wizard who can only conjure ducks. The entire film was made of a 3 and a half month period using dollar store supplies.

Are all your problems coming up ducks? Then you must feel a kinship with “The Silly Duck Wizard” who only knows “dumb spells about ducks.” This adorable stop-motion mini-movie was created by Terrymation and voiced By Davey Swatpaz.

“Everything you see,” explained Tim, “is made from dollar store items – felt, beads, plasticine, shiny paper, styrofoam balls, etc. I think I spent $50 overall on all materials and I have mountains left over (like I needed 2 blue pompoms, but I had to buy a giant bag of like 150). Overall, this took me 3 and a half months to complete. I spent two full months shooting 3-4 times a week (full 8+ hour days), then I did post in my spare time over the next month (3-4 hours a week).