Third grader dissolves in laughter when teacher does a funny prank

A creative teacher uses all the tools in her toolbox to keep the class engaged, even if involves letting a “toot” rip to grab their attention.
A teacher is instructing her students in a zoom class. She instructs the kids to get out their journals before she gives them a surprise.

Before they begin, the teacher uses a fake “toot” sound to make them think that she farted. The students are shocked and erupt in giggles.

The joke continues with students laughing and commenting on the sound they heard. The laughter lightens the mood and helps the students become more alert.

Teachers who have good relationships with children can joke with them and still maintain classroom order. The “toot” was a strategy to re-engage their attention.

In stressful times, a shared laugh wakes up the brain and builds positive feelings and a bond between those in the group who share it.

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