The Hilarious Act By Students Will Make You Fall Out Of Your Seat

A team of students from Apollo High School have exceptional talent. They can make you fall out of your seat laughing. They performed one such act depicting a first date at the movie theater, where the couple cannot sit together. The scene takes place at a screening of “The Lion King”, but with a hilarious twist.

The act begins with seven seats in a line and five friends sitting in the middle of that row, leaving two empty seats. A couple walks in arm in arm, but have to sit one at each end of the row! The boyfriend has an idea. He decides he wants to say hi to his girlfriend, so then he waves to his neighbor and asks her to pass it on.

Next, he decides to put his arm around her- and has it passed on. It gets really weird at the end of the row where two guys are seated, and the second last one feels horrible putting his arm around a “guy”. Then the date decides to hold his date’s hand, and you can watch what happens at the end of the row. Lastly, he wants to kiss his partner. Just Imagine the rest