Tim Conway will tickle your funny bone and make you laugh in the doctor’s waiting room

When know-it-all patient Carol tries to convince patient Harvey Korman he’s got a serious disease, it’s hypochondriac Tim Conway who feels the pain

If you’re old enough to remember The Carol Burnett Show, then you don’t need reminding about their hysterical comedy sketches. They graced our living rooms every Saturday night throughout the 1970s.

Carol, Tim, Harvey, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner and their parade of celebrity guests could always be counted on to make us roll in the floor laughing. In this outrageously funny sketch, Carol sits down in the waiting room of a doctor’s office.

Right away strikes up a conversation with a stranger played by Harvey, who sits casually whistling and thumbing through a magazine.  “How long have you been waiting?” she asks him.

“Oh, about 25 minutes,” he says, unconcerned.

“In your condition?” she asks him gravely.

It goes downhill into a boisterous laugh fest from there.  Level-headed Harvey tries to be dismissive of her. It’s poor Tim sitting across the room who’s already got the jitters about his appointment.

As Carol launches into a slew of side effects Harvey is likely experiencing as a result of his medication, Tim sidles up behind them to eavesdrop on seeming medical expert Carol.  His sight gags steal the show while Carol and Harvey play it straight.

She smugly describes one horrific symptom after another while Tim mimics the effects in rapid succession, convinced he’s suffering from bumps on his chest, a green tongue, shaking limbs and suicidal tendencies.

You’ll bust a gut watching the antics of this comic genius. And just wait until you see how it ends.

“LOL, I feel like there’s a character just like the one Carol was playing in this sketch on Facebook every day: non-medical professionals who read one phony article and think they know everything,” wrote one fan of this witty little clip.

Another amused fan wholeheartedly agreed. “Google your symptoms and you’ll be convinced that’s what you have without even consulting a doctor…Back then people didn’t even have the internet. Crazy isn’t it?”

Are you ready for your appointment?  Just click the video below for a good laugh. Trust us, you’ll want to share it with a friend.  Be well and enjoy!

Tim Conway will tickle your funny bone and make you laugh in the doctor\'s waiting room