‘The Carol Burnett Show’ tough truckers sketch will keep you laughing

The Carol Burnett Show' tough truckers sketch

Harvey Korman and Tim Conway star in a surprising and hilarious skit about two truckers who discover the single life might not be all that it is cracked up to be.

They start the sketch by walking into a roadside diner and flirting with the waitress, played with perfect wit and sarcasm by the incomparable Vicki Lawrence. On the surface, they are happy.

However, that is merely a mask hiding the pain they feel underneath – a pain that will quickly be revealed in a series of humorous exchanges. They talk a bit about their divorces and how thankful they are.

The Carol Burnett Show' tough truckers sketch

Now that they are free from their wives, they have the chance to date other women, travel wherever the road takes them, and in general do whatever they want, whenever they want.

It seems like they are perfectly content. But that is where the twist comes into the scene. As they are ordering their meals, the men start crying behind their menus, showing their true emotions.

Although this emotional reaction may not seem especially humorous in a real-life scenario, it is outrageous in this scene because of the comic talents of Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.

They play the scene to perfection, growing more and more distraught with each passing moment. When a familiar song comes on the jukebox, one of the men kicks it. From start to finish, it is a classic scene from the Carol Burnett Show.

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\'The Carol Burnett Show\' tough truckers sketch will keep you laughing