The best and funniest answers to game show questions

Classic game shows always produce great answers, and few answers are funnier than this collection from the shows of yesterday and today.

In these classic game show moments, contestants provide some of the most shocking and hilarious answers in television history. They shocked the audience, the host – and sometimes themselves.

It can be difficult standing on the big stage and answer questions with money on the line, but these contestants turned their nervous, unscripted responses into classic moments.

Whether it was a contestant blurting out an obviously wrong and ridiculous answer on Family Feud, or a player missing a simple puzzle on Wheel of Fortune, there is something for everyone in this compilation.

One thing is for certain: These contestants will never live down the jaw-dropping responses that they delivered in front of a national audience.

The good news is that they have a sense of humor about the moment, and their responses lead to laughter for themselves, their opponents, and the audience.

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The best and funniest answers to game show questions