Self-proclaimed ‘Moron Brothers’ spread laughter wherever they go

A floating country paradise – what more could any country boy ask for? This Bluegrass-singing duo lives to make people laugh and appreciate an idyllic country life.

It’s been a while since life felt simple, but the Moron Brothers prove that it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Lardo and Burley are a Bluegrass-singing duo from Kentucky that likes to spread inspiration and laughter to their fans.

Their “shanty boat” is a mobile hillbilly palace, complete with a functioning outhouse, a hole in the floor for winter fishing, and a propane stove they can cook on. They built their own little shack, attached a motorboat, and enjoyed a simple existence.

Along the way, they write and perform an array of different country and bluegrass songs, with lyrics that range from the inspirational to the absurd. Some of their one-liners, jokes, and lyrical imaginings are absolutely hilarious.

Together, they hunt, fish, and spread laughter wherever they go. From songs about bologna to declarations of faith, there’s something here for everyone who can appreciate the stress-free country life.

From collecting fish from their ‘jingle lines” to maintaining their floating abode, everything these brothers do is inspiring, funny, or both. They even have their own line of coffee! We’ve never wanted to live on a houseboat before, but the stress-free way these guys are enjoying life is very compelling.

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Self-proclaimed ‘Moron Brothers’ spread laughter wherever they go