Rubber chicken bearing test challenges USAF Honor Guard

One of the criteria to become a Ceremonial Guardsman in USAF is to maintain bearing at all times, even if something funny is in front of your face.

The United States Air Force is one of the most prominent military organizations globally, and becoming a part of the said association is challenging. You must train hard, and one of the criteria is maintaining your bearing at all times.

The USAF Honor Guard Tech School instructors constantly challenge newcomers by testing how they can bear a particular event or circumstance. In this instance, the teachers decided to use a rubber chicken to check for the students’ reactions.

Some successfully maintained their composure, while some did not resist their urge to laugh. Although most students are trying hard to bear the situation they are in, it is tough to endure the sound of the said object, especially if it is directly in front of your face.

The instructors’ main goal is to train them to maintain their bearing at all costs. They have been doing this to help them prepare to become a certified Ceremonial Guardsmen.

It is undoubtedly hard to continue keeping still, particularly during an unexpected situation. If you were in the airmen’s shoes, can you bear not to laugh?

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Rubber chicken bearing test challenges USAF Honor Guard