Relive Paul Lynde’s best zingers from ‘Hollywood Squares’

These one-liners will have you in hysterics. Paul Lynde’s timeless zingers on ‘Hollywood Squares’ always got everyone laughing, including the celebs!

When there were only 3 major TV networks, only the very best talent would make it to air, and Paul Lynde was one of these personalities that graced our screens.

Holding the center spot on ‘Hollywood Squares’ between 1968 and 1981, Lynde fast became a household favorite, delivering one-liners that would get everyone laughing. And that includes the host, Peter Marshall!

Even the other celebs were in tears. Comedy legend Buddy Hacket can be heard regularly howling in the background at Lynde’s zingers, and when Hacket is laughing, you know you’re funny!

Also known for playing Uncle Arthur on ‘Bewitched’, Lynde was a true comedy great. His appearances on ‘Hollywood Squares’ only cemented his position as one of the funniest men on screen.

Fortunately, we can always relive Lynde’s timeless wise-cracks and quips, some of which even shocked himself! He can be seen looking genuinely surprised at some of the things he says.

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