Only a comedic genius could make a hilarious skit out of sweeping

This exaggeration about the frustrations of sweeping is hilarious. We’ve all been there – especially if you have hardwood floors. The dust line just won’t go away!

Unless your home is fully carpeted, you know the frustrations of sweeping. Not only is it time-consuming, but there’s always just a little bit of dust and dirt that you can’t get into the dustpan.

Human engineering has only come so far, apparently. We still haven’t created a dustpan that eliminates this problem entirely. So if you’re still sweeping, you’re still backing the dustpan back to get that last line of dirt in.

Julia Nolke, best known for her viral clips where she visits her past self to explain world events, made a short comedy sketch to display the endless frustration related to this design flaw.

As she sweeps dirt into the dustpan, she realizes that there’s a line of dust left. After sweeping that up, she notices that there seems to be even more dirt left! So she keeps backing up and keeps sweeping that tiny bit of dirt in.

She backs up out her front door and halfway down the sidewalk before she gives up and grinds the rest of the dirt into the sidewalk – much to her neighbor’s distaste. This is exactly what sweeping feels like!

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Only a comedic genius could make a hilarious skit out of sweeping