New teacher hilariously mispronounces students’ names

If these students were a grade higher, we know this wouldn’t pan out as it did – so hilarious.

This teacher seems made for this class, which is rare with subs because the session either ends dull or with plenty of disorder, which was not the case.

From the beginning, she seemed set to make them enjoy their session, and she kept it going for a while, much to the pleasure of the kids.

Upon watching this clip, one must be reminiscing on their classroom sessions with subs, and to be honest, very few would have turned out this hilarious.

The kids must have wished this teacher would stay longer, as a regular teacher. Fifth grade can be terrifying, and she seems to have fit in quite well.

It would be fascinating, for us watching this, to know the feedback when the regular teacher returned. Maybe they queried about her next substitute session.

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New teacher hilariously mispronounces students’ names