Joan Rivers has Ed Sullivan and his audience roaring

Keeping everyone laughing, Joan Rivers explains why dating is a completely different experience for women. Her comedy is absolutely timeless!

The Ed Sullivan Show saw its fair share of comedians over the years, but perhaps the most ground-breaking was the always edgy, always hilarious, Joan Rivers.

Appearing here in 1967, early in her standup career, Joan delivers a punchy comedy routine on the various inequalities between men and women when it comes to dating.

Telling it like it is, Joan explains with typical spice and humor how all men really need to do to get a date is be clean and be able to pick up a check!

Joan keeps the studio audience laughing as she hilariously explains how the dreaded word “single” followed her throughout her twenties, and how her Mother’s expectations gradually got lower over the years.

This classic routine shows us just why Joan Rivers became a household name, with her legendary brand of comedy still sounding groundbreaking today. She really was a comedy legend.

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Joan Rivers has Ed Sullivan and his audience roaring