School’s Hilarious Snow Day Announcement Takes Internet By Storm

With winter upon us, winter snow days are inevitable in most northern areas.  It seems so many schools are putting out funny videos or songs to announce to their students when this happens. 

Well, Swartz Creek Community Schools, a school district in Michigan, decided to add their own flair to this trend.  Their video has over a million views on YouTube already.

Dressed in their school team apparel, Superintendent Ben Mainka and Principal Jim Kitchen stand in front of a camera to make an announcement to their students and families. Superintendent Mainka starts with a serious note:

“I wanted to just do a quick video announcement. I know that one of the things that’s been happening – which is an epidemic across our country – is that superintendents and other administrators are coming up with ridiculous songs, and they’re playing music and putting sunglasses on and making absolute fools of themselves trying to cancel school for a snow day, and it seems like we have….”

He is interrupted here by piano music playing in the background – the familiar introduction to the well-known song “Hallelujah.” Both men seemed confused. Mainka continues his announcement, but seems unable to stop himself from singing along to the tune … “I heard about a winter storm…”

Principal Kitchen stops him, “Wait! Wait! Let me reiterate.  We are not going to humiliate ourselves by singing a snow day song!”

Confused, Mainka apologizes, “I honestly don’t know what happened.  I mean, I can’t stand it when people sing about snow days.”  The piano music continues, and he nonchalantly puts on a pair of sunglasses.  He continues to warn about the storm and how everyone should stay home and stay warm – of course, along with the melody of “Hallelujah” the whole time. His voice is surprisingly very good!

Principal Kitchen slides a pair of sunglasses on, too, and joins Mainka. In impressive harmony, they continue making announcements about the snow day. “It’s a snow day, a winter cold day.  Stay home and just play. It’s a great family day.”

While Superintendent Mainka wants everyone to stay warm and enjoy the day, he also encourages them to be responsible, too: “This winter storm will break real soon; please try not to sleep ‘til noon.  You really should be working for your parents.”  I’m sure parents will appreciate that good word.

The duo finished their song and caution them all to stay safe and warm.  This version of a snow day announcement was surprisingly well done, and the vocals were great.  What a fun school this must be!

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School\'s Hilarious Snow Day Announcement Takes Internet By Storm