Hilarious news bloopers from the 70s that are still funny

News bloopers from the 70s

Technology has widely affected everyone in our society. From the way we communicate to the way, we do our transportation, even up to the way we watch local news and updates. Everything has become totally digital.

News nowadays can not only be watched on local television. You can also access it already on your favorite streaming sites and social media pages. That’s how technology has improved the news industry.

That’s why looking back at these 70s bloopers videos will totally make you laugh in tears. Aside from the fact that it was so hilarious, the quality of the videos will also add up some funny vibes to it.

News bloopers from the 70s

However, what’s more, surprising is that even if the production is not as high quality compared nowadays, the reporters can still manage to pull out some tricks to get on with it.

Viewers who have watched the exact video on their time might even laugh more than those who have just recently watched the clips. They can’t believe how time flies so fast that those reporters look aged a lot today.

All of these are timeless. It might just be simple bloopers news videos to some but to many, it’s a good breather video online they can watch on their time off from work.

Technology might have already dominated our society today. However, the funny moments when technology is not yet rampant can still make you happy today.

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