Hilarious ‘Moron Brothers’ will have you laughing for hours

These guys really know how to tell a joke. The Moron Brothers’ perfect delivery of this job interview joke will have you rolling on the floor.

The Moron Brothers are a comedy duo that specializes in good ol’ country music and clean humor. Usually, their acts revolve around their funny and inspiring original songs, but they also tell jokes.

This is one of their more popular jokes, with over 1.1 million views and counting. Anyone who has ever sat down at a country store with some good ol’ boys will recognize the type of humor very well.

You’re going to be rolling on the floor when Burley finishes telling the joke. It’s about a job interview, and how a boss is choosing from three different candidates. He asks them all what the quickest thing in the world is.

Both of the first two give great answers to the question, but it’s the third answer that has you laughing until your sides ache. Burley has such a great way of telling a joke, and he delivers it with a straight face.

Nothing really beats this type of humor. If you live in the country or were raised in the south, you can appreciate the comedy that they’re trying to bring back to the world. If not, this joke can be just as appealing!

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Hilarious ‘Moron Brothers’ will have you laughing for hours