Little karate girl tries to break board, her comical solution has everyone laughing

Learning Karate is a dream of a lot of children. At some point in your childhood, you’ve watched a martial arts movie and dreamt of what it would be like to be able to do the things you saw. In this video, we get a treat when a very young girl is trying out karate.

Not understanding what she’s supposed to be doing, this little girl makes a hilarious attempt to break a board for her instructors. They try to show her what to do repeatedly but with no success.

The girl starts wondering what they are doing and tries her best to appease the instructors. Little does she know that her hilarious personality would make so many people happy to see.

Watching videos like this makes you think back to when your children were growing up, and all the things you tried to teach them. Kids love to explore new things, trying different sports and activities is a must!

This little girl had everyone that was there with her laughing and rooting for her. I know just watching this, I was so excited when she finally broke that board, Though she didn’t do it exactly as they planned, she did it in her own way.

People who have seen this video have said, “This is too cute! I think the little girl was just trolling everyone!” Everyone agrees that this video is adorable and heartwarming. Like this viewer said, “She did the atomic butt drop, this video is so cute!”

While watching the video, I guarantee, you will get a laugh out of this. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about all this cuteness!!