Funny transformation from dad to ‘Dadosaur’

These adorable girls don’t seem to get enough of their father’s transformation to a clumsy ‘Dadosaur’.

As a choreographer and an improv artist, Frankie Manella is flexible enough to pull off some hilarious stunts. Whenever his daughters say the name ‘Dadosaur’, he immediately transforms into a clumsy dinosaur.

His daughters can’t get over his amazing transformation when he hunches over and makes squawking noises as he destroys everything in his path.

We can’t say the same about his wife. She probably doesn’t like the nasty mess ‘Dadosaur’ leaves behind after his transformation.

Whether he’s having his breakfast in bed, taking out the trash, working out, or perhaps enjoying some yummy cake, Manella can change his stance whenever.

With more than forty-three thousand followers on Instagram and thousands of views on his funny videos, it’s only fair to say the ‘Dadosaur’ has many fans who enjoy his adorable metamorphosis.

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Funny transformation from dad to ‘Dadosaur’