Funny ‘Jeopardy’ answers that will leave you in hysterics

Jeopardy was always good for a giggle or two and long-time host Alex Trebek really made the show something special.

Classic game show Jeopardy has been appearing on our screens since the 1960s and has had more than a few hilarious moments and bloopers over the years.

This compilation will have you laughing – and gasping! – at the contestant’s answers as they forget to phrase their response as a question or confidently give a completely wrong answer!

Keeping things funny is, of course, long-time host Alex Trebek whose sharp wit and lighthearted ribbing of some of the contestants were always entertaining to watch.

And, of course, sometimes Alex himself was the butt of the joke as we see him appear on stage pantless after being told the contestants would be doing the same!

Always a family show, Jeopardy avoided the pitfalls of crass jokes and blue humor. However, sometimes, the contestant’s answers would accidentally tread that line to a hilarious effect!

Sitting at over 2 million views, there’s plenty of people getting in on the joke reliving these classic Jeopardy moments.

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