Flight attendant gives hilarious safety demo

Flight attendant gives a good performance for his safety demo

It is important to know the proper procedure when certain unsafe situations take place on a plane. Being thousands of feet off the ground can be dangerous after all.

The issue is that when flight attendants give safety demos before take-off, it is clear that most people aren’t paying attention. Well, one steward has it figured out.

The person giving the demo for the plane mixes comedy with practicality. Making sure that people are paying attention while showing off the proper procedure at the same time.

Flight attendant gives a good performance for his safety demo

He acts shocked and fearful at the sight of an oxygen mask, and even straps it on way too hard. Then he acts totally calm and cool when he finally has it on.

The next instruction has to do with the life vest, and even the stewardess speaking for the demo can’t hold back her laughter either. It must take all her focus to stop from laughing.

It is difficult to make a life vest funny, but this guy does a great job of it. Showing that he has the talent to make anything hilarious as long as he’s moving.

When the demo finally ends the audience cheers for him. He looks lovingly at the passengers, and even mouths the words “call me” while pretending to hold a phone.

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