Easy’ math problem is cracking everyone up

After watching this clip, I’m sure a lot of people forgot how to do the math. Honestly, Costello has a point here – and the scary part is, it’s starting to make sense.

As a child, math can seem like the least important thing in your life. Who even uses it, anyway? But this clever, funny Abbott and Costello routine illustrates why knowing math is extremely important in all avenues.

Here, Costello owes back rent. He tries to convince Abbott that he only owes $28, which is ridiculous to Abbott. Costello owes $7 a week for each of the 13 weeks he is behind! How can that equal $28?

Costello assures him that the math is correct, and then proceeds to use a crayon to write the equation out three different ways on the wall. He uses division, multiplication, and addition to showcase how he’s right.

And amazingly, he comes out right every time. He uses the wrong methods to come up with the wrong answers, but Abbott can’t argue that it’s starting to make sense. We were amazed, too!

Costello gets his rent money back, and we are reminded that knowing basic math is very important. Of course, we haven’t answered the most important question – who would pay that much for an apartment with writing all over the walls?

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Easy\' math problem is cracking everyone up