Darci Lynne gets driving lessons from Howie in a skit full of fun and laughs

Darci Lynne

Howie Mandel was surprised to see Darci Lynne drive up to meet him. Thanks to her unique and incredible ventriloquist skills, she won America’s Got Talent when she was only 12. Now she is 16.

Without hesitation, Howie volunteers to give her some tips to drive. A driving course is set up in an empty parking lot with several traffic cones and even cardboard cutouts of Terry Crews and Heidi Klum.

With a megaphone in hand, Howie instructs Darci to sit and wait in her car for two and a half hours. He wants her to know what traffic feels like in LA.

Howie Mandel

When he feels like she has driven enough, which wasn’t much at all, he asks her to let him take the wheel. Darci mentions that she is only renting the car. So she may not be allowed to let him drive it.

Howie finds another car and wreaks havoc upon the obstacle course. He crushes several traffic cones and tears off the front bumper of his car while trying to parallel park.

Darci is watching everything take place and can’t believe it when he runs over the cardboard cutouts of Terry Crews and Heidi Klum. She may not be getting the proper lessons.

Even after causing a lot of damage Howie is confident he did a pretty decent job teaching her how to drive. He even asks her if she wants to learn how to fly, but for some reason, she doesn’t take him up on his generous offer.

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