Comedian Jeanne Robertson Uses All Her Quarantine Time In Funny Clip

Jeanne Robertson’s humor never fails to amuse. The coronavirus quarantine hasn’t dampened this comedians’ spirit. In this clip, she shows us all how to handle lockdown alone while making the most of every minute.

From reading time with teddies to indoor basketball, Jean Robertson doesn’t let anything slow her down. Just wait until you see her breakneck speed baton twirling. You’ll be captivated from the start.

Jeanne is driven to use all of the time provided to her by the quarantine without wasting a second. It’s a hilarious collection of antics that you somehow should expect, but each nonetheless surprises.

It’s lighthearted displays of joy and humor like this that the world needs during its darkest times. One or two quips from Jeanne, and you’re sure to be smiling from ear to ear.