Clueless Guys Apply Makeup To Girls For The First Time

Who but Cosmopolitan to put forth a challenge whereby men, clueless men, are asked to apply makeup to a few beautiful faces. As if painting their first piece of kindergarten art, most of these men start off with hilarious accents, rosy cheeks all-round, and far too much makeup overall.

Not one of these good-spirited men has any clue as to what they’re supposed to do. We can understand their ignorance, but why is it that certain trends repeat themselves? For example, just look at how every woman has eyeliner applied that whisps and extends far past where the eye ends?

From clown red cheeks to eyeliner straight out of a comic book, these men may not know cosmetics, but you’d swear they’re experts at comedy. Combine this with a lot of bases, unruly lipstick, and the complete wrong tones, and you’ve got a better idea of what to expect when Cosmopolitan calls on the aid of these incompetent, happy helpers.