A fun puzzle with a unique solution

This puzzle might look complete at first glance because it’s quite tricky to establish whether it has any missing pieces.

Puzzles are a great way to pass time or even exercise your brain. This simple puzzle is something you’d enjoy if you’re a fanatic for solving puzzles.

The puzzle is made of seven pieces with most of them having trapezium shapes. Two of these pieces are rectangular whereas one is tiny square-shaped.

The most interesting part is that the puzzle looks complete even with the rest of the pieces missing. One can easily conclude that it requires only five pieces.

The trapezium shape of the pieces makes it easy for you to fit them accordingly while still maintaining the original shape of the puzzle. The most intriguing part is that the puzzle, which you can easily make using a piece of cardboard, doesn’t change in shape or size after placing the missing pieces.

If you’re looking to put your creative juices to the test, then this is something you can consider trying alone or with your friends. With an increasing number of viewers, we can tell you won’t be the only one trying this unique puzzle.

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