Mom’s ‘impossible bacon’ recipe downloaded 30 million times

Have you ever looked at a carrot and thought it resembled bacon at all? Vegan cook Tabitha Brown did, and the result looks absolutely delicious.

I’m sure we’ve all thought it at one point: “I’d love to go vegan, but what about bacon?” While there are a ton of plant-based bacon alternatives, nothing has hit us quite like this carrot ‘bacon’ recipe by Tabitha Brown.

Brown went vegan to combat her chronic pain, and that’s worked perfectly for her. Now she uses her experiences to teach other vegans how to enjoy their food – including this delicious carrot recipe that mimics bacon in every way that matters.

In her short video recipe, Brown begins by peeling the carrots into long, thin strips. She uses a combination of liquid smoke, garlic, paprika, and pepper to soak the carrots for a few minutes, before putting them in an air fryer.

The result looks like bacon, crunches like bacon, and we’re sure that it tastes delicious. It’s so simple and quick, we’re just going to have to try it for ourselves.

After making her carrot ‘bacon’, Brown uses it in a wrap recipe with avocado, tomato, mayo, and greens. It looks wonderful, and it’s so colorful! The original recipe for carrot ‘bacon’ earned over 30 million views on TikTok, rocketing her and her recipe to fame.

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Mom’s ‘impossible bacon’ recipe downloaded 30 million times