Make Your Own 18th-Century Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese

In modern times, a single cow can produce over 14 gallons of milk per day. That is a lot of milk! Back in the 18th century, cows were making around three gallons of milk each day. Because of that, they used farmhouse cheddar to preserve their milk supply. Here’s a recipe to do just that.

Because cows were only milked from April to November, they had to find a way to store all of the extra milk through the cold winter. There are a variety of different farmhouse cheddar recipes online, but none quite like this one.

Most recipes from back then are relatively vague. Start by heating the curds in a giant tub using a woodstove or modern stovetop. Add in around 2 ½ tablespoons of salt and stir it in. The more salt you add, the longer the cheese will last.

Then, you press the cheese using an old antique crank press with around one pound of pressure. You’ll then leave the cheese in a covered container to age for approximately 60 days. You can leave it for another 30 days if needed. After this, it is ready to serve.