It’ll Take You Under Five Minutes To Make This $1 Bottle Of Wine

Making alcohol doesn’t need expensive, complicated distillation or fermentation equipment. With little more than a bucket and some juice, you’ll be making your own wine in no time. Follow the instructions in this video, and at the cost of roughly $1 per bottle, you’ll be binging no matter how booze supplies look.

Don’t allow the simplistic instructions and basic equipment fool you. Even experienced winemakers will agree that you don’t need anything to make a good tasting glass of wine. Many professionals start in this very same way. After just one try, you’ll find that it’s simple enough to start customizing and perhaps even making in bigger batches if you need it.

Booze running out? Can’t get to a liquor store? Liquor stores closed? Heck, are you bored and feel like drinking? If so, this five-minute craft is perfect for you. With just a few ingredients and a bucket, you’ll be making your own booze. At just $1 per bottle of wine, you really can’t afford not to try it.

It\'ll Take You Under Five Minutes To Make This $1 Bottle Of Wine