Can “Dry Aging” Save A Cheap Cut Of Steak?

The eye round is the cheapest cut of meat available. Can dry-aging it for 45 days improve its taste?

What method is the best when it comes to improving the taste of a cheap cut of meat? Guga Foods answered a fan request for a video doing just this.

They bought an eye round, the cheapest cut of meat available, and prepared it 3 ways to see which improved the steak the most. All three types of steak were then seasoned only with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

First, they dry-aged a set of eye round steaks for 45 days. Second, they prepared a set of steaks by marinating them in pureed pineapple for 2 hours. Lastly, they cut a control steak, one that had no preparation techniques applied.

Cooking all of these steaks at the same time on the charcoal grill, Guga then taste-tested them. It turns out that the pineapple-marinated steak was the best of the three, and the dry-aging actually made the cheap cut of meat taste worse.

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