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She Was Only 7 Years Old When She Dazzled America, Now Watch Her Feet!


“One of the many things that we like to do in our free time is go to the movies. There are hundreds of new releases every year and there are literally millions of different movies that we can pick from that have been made in the last hundred years. The genres are numerous and the actors dedicated so all you really have to do is decide which one you are in the mood to watch.

It from our love of movies that we were able to find this featured video. In this video you will see one little girl who was able to make quite a name for herself through film. But what makes her really stand out is that not only was she a break through star in the film industry but that she was one of the first to actually do that. To top it all off she was only three when she first started making movies, that is just incredible to us!

So who are we talking about? What little girl was so incredibly talented that at the tender age of three she began making movies and to this day is still known by millions of people? We are talking about Shirley Temple of course!

Shirley Temple made such a name for herself that this video clip that is from 1935 is still very well known to people. This little girl made herself into a household name and even though she has since passed away she is still known by today’s generation. This video will show you just why she was so incredibly popular and able to make such a huge name for herself. One thing is for sure, while even though she is gone she has left quite a legacy that we know will be around for many more years to come.

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