Worker dual wields blade to trim thousands of Christmas trees per day

These workers know how to get rid of stray branches in literal seconds. Going from tree to tree, they never miss a beat while trimming.

Have you ever wondered who does the hard work in getting Christmas trees into consumer-ready condition? When you go to a Christmas tree lot, everything is perfect. Even the small trees manage to look like they were picked from the best set.

The pristine condition of the trees is thanks to workers like the Power’s family. They are professional tree trimmers that know a thing or two about swinging a blade.

Earbuds in their ears and a blade in each hand, they go from tree to tree without making a mistake. It’s tedious, but ultimately rewarding work. No one is quite sure what they’re listening to, but it has to be interesting. Whether it’s a podcast or music, the entertainment has to last long enough to trim over 2,000 trees a day.

Becoming a tree trimmer isn’t something you can just pick up on a whim. It takes practice, with little to no room for error.

When record-breaking sales happen during the holidays, the Powers can hold their heads high. They contribute an incredible service, and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them. If you ever want to zone out to the sweet sound of branches flying, the Christmas tree ninja has your back.

Worker dual wields blade to trim thousands of Christmas trees per day