Why Do Kids Celebrate Christmas? Let Jimmy Kimmel Show You Their Answers

Kids love Christmas, but Jimmy Kimmel and The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show were wondering if most children know why the day itself is actually celebrated. The team takes to the street, and the answers from these kids are adorable.

These kids were each asked to tell the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show the story of Christmas that they know, and it’ll be impossible to stop yourself from laughing at the answers received from these cute kids. Some think they’re celebrating for the right reasons, others not so much.

The cute thing about each of these kids is that they associate Christmas with a magical day of miracles and giving in some way or another. One thing’s for sure – they may not all know all the details, but they sure know the feeling of the holiday.

At times, these kids know the story, but they don’t quite understand. Others have their own whole ideas concerning the celebration. It’s the sweetest interview you’ve ever seen.