When a young child gets the chance to talk to reindeer, she asks a lot of questions

6-year-old Lucy is intrigued as her mom sits on a business call in a house decorated for the holiday. The mom speaks to her sales client over a Microsoft tablet. The voice coming out of it sounds robotic and toneless.

Her dad walks up to her and notices she thinks it’s cool to watch. Then he tells her that the people on the other end of the call are speaking Japanese to her mother and the tablet is translating it so that she hears what they’re saying in English. Lucy glances at the tablet, intrigued.

Then, she tries to keep entertained. She plays with her toys and stares into a snow globe, but mostly she sits at the window with her dog, staring dreamily and bored at the snow outside her window. Her eyes light up when she sees something.

Without missing a beat, Lucy grabs the tablet her mom has abandoned in the living room and pulls on all of her winter gear. She brings the dog and the tablet with her outside into the snow and carefully steps towards two large reindeer in the yard.

“Can you understand me?” she asks. She thrusts the tablet towards the animals cautiously. They grunt in response. “Yes, I can understand you,” a robotic voice replies from the tablet.

“Okay,” she says. And then Lucy does what any other kid would do: she starts asking questions. And a lot of them, too. The reindeer don’t even get a chance to answer before the commercial closes out.