Viral song ‘Take On Me’ is played in sync with Christmas light show

There is nothing like a Christmas light show that is played in sync to the hit song ‘Take On Me’. Neighbors love it, and viewers have already called it a masterpiece.

Since his first video in 2007, Tom BetGeorge has shown a creative flair with his lights. His Halloween designs are great, but it’s during Christmas when he really shines. With the help of an all-time classic hit, Tom unveiled his new light display.

Do you remember the hit song ‘Take On Me’ by A-ha? That same song that has over a billion streams on YouTube serves as the theme of this new light show.

As the music plays, the lights play in sync with the words and music. Like all of his shows, it combines speakers with FM transmitters. Despite the bombastic display in the video, the actual music isn’t that loud.

If you are near the house, tune your phone or radio to the right frequency to hear the music. At this point, a couple of neighbors are already dancing on the lawn to ‘Take On Me’

Tom BetGeorge decorated the McHenry House for a fundraising event for a local family shelter. Schedules and dates are available if you want to see the show in person. If you’re passing through the Tracy, California area, this is a can’t miss event.


Viral song ‘Take On Me’ is played in sync with Christmas light show