Santa Claus and little girl take a quick nap after granting her Christmas wish

Christmas shopping is a long, but exciting experience. A little girl wants a break from it all and takes a nap on Santa’s lap.

If you ask a kid what they want for the holidays, the list will be a mile long. A few days later, they will add something else to their Christmas list after seeing a new commercial. Family holiday shopping is almost as much fun as Christmas day.

When little Linden Bartell gets to meet Santa, she lets out a sigh before making an unusual request. Instead of gifts, she wants a nap.

You heard that right – young Linden wants to nap right in Santa’s nap and take a break from all the holiday shopping. A surprised Santa grants her request, and they both take a break from the hustle and bustle of the glorious Christmas rush.

It may seem like a cute joke, but moments like these are an important part of getting into the Christmas spirit. Linden got her to wish granted by Santa, and will now have a story to tell her friends.

During the holidays, mall Santa’s are an important part of the experience. It’s always worth the wait, and every adult can recall their first time sitting on Santa’s lap. When Linden becomes an adult, she can tell her kids about the time she asked Santa for a nap. With luck, it will become a family tradition to ask for a nap every holiday.