Pentatonix’s Chilling Cover of Kanye West’s ‘Coldest Winter’ Is Hauntingly Different Christmas Classic

Pentatonix takes us through a Christmas journey of love lost and memories made as they harmonize in acapella perfection in their rendition of Kanye West’s ‘Coldest Winter.’ The deep bass carries you through a buildup that drops into a hard beat with harmonies that transcend what was heard.

As one of the coolest songs ever that’ll melt your heart, they sing this from their album ‘A Pentatonix Christmas.’ The lingering sounds of voices synced to perfection are only equaled by the striking visuals accompanying this track. Fitting entitled ‘A Tragic Snowmance,’ it’s a song that you’ll feel, see and hear.

Watch as the story told by Pentatonix unfolds in a wonderful acapella Christmas adventure, animating the emotions and words behind the Kanye West original song ‘Coldest Winter.’ It’ll quickly become a treasured track within your selection of seasonal music to soothe the soul.