Making the best out of what you have with aluminum Christmas trees

When your parents talk fondly about an aluminum Christmas tree, they’re speaking about important history. There is something irresistible about the sparkle of these trees.

The year is 1950, and you’re in the living room staring at an undecorated aluminum tree. Just looking at it fills you with wonder. Somehow, this tree sparkles without any lights.

Then your parents introduce you to a first-generation color wheel. They give you a stern warning about being careful around it, and the warning goes in one ear and out the other.

You help with decorating the tree from top to bottom, adding the usual assortment of Christmas fluff. When it is all done, the wheel is activated, and the tree comes alive. The result is glorious, and unlike anything you’ve ever seen with traditional Christmas trees.

This is the memory that many have when they think about aluminum Christmas trees. That same nostalgic feeling is making a comeback, as more people are pushing for a uniquely themed holiday.

For almost two decades, aluminum Christmas trees were the big thing. They are easier to set up, look great, and have low maintenance requirements. The beauty of a real tree, and the convenience of a fake one all in one neat package.

There are several sizes available, so it isn’t uncommon to see a household mix it up. They’ll have the large one in the living room, and several smaller ones in the bedrooms. Seeing an 8ft. tall aluminum Christmas tree is an incredible sight, especially if the decorations are done right.

When Christmas comes, families will have plenty of tree choices. Some will go for the traditional look, while others will try something new. But somewhere in the middle, there is a family that will get to enjoy the legend of the aluminum Christmas tree.

Making the best out of what you have with aluminum Christmas trees