Looking For Holiday Fun & A Little Inspiration? Let Katy Show You A Cozy Christmas

Katy Perry’s ‘Cozy Little Christmas’ is the ideal upbeat tale to put you in the perfect mood for Christmas. Taking a fantasy look at how Santa would be handled over Christmas in the perfect comfortable setting, Katy’s holiday song is backed by bright, colorful, creative visuals that help us all understand what a ‘cozy Christmas’ means to this superstar.

Throughout this happy holiday video, you’ll see Katy enjoying her favorite holiday activities while dressed in some of the boldest, most festive outfits ever seen. The only thing that tops her cheery vocals and captivating array of costumes are the innovative ways that she chooses to decorate her hair. From antlers to a living Christmas tree, Katy’s filled with cheer.

Here’s a Katy Perry Christmas track that finally got received its much-awaited music video. While certain parts may be a little risqué, such as our favorite songbird and Santa getting a massage from Rudolph, it remains family-friendly and filled with good-hearted fun. ‘Cozy Little Christmas’ will instantly have you glued to your screen and singing along.