Creative Children Show Joyful Meaning of Christmas in Unique Way

When you think of the story of Christmas, you may not think of anything notably funny. Most people know about the Biblical tale, but you’ve never seen it told quite like this. A group of kids puts a creative twist on this classic story.

The opening scene starts with two girls dressed in gold and white, looking a lot like the angels they are. As one of the ladies tells the story of Christmas with a voice-over, a black curtain opens to show God looking through a telescope.

In this play-like video, God and an angel dressed in battle gear have a conversation about sending someone who is strong and powerful down to earth to help humanity. After much debate, these adorable kiddos come up with the idea of sending Jesus.

The story continues with one angel coming down from heaven to tell Mary that she’d be having a baby. We see the three wise men traveling with their three gifts, and the story eventually leads to the manger—what a brilliant performance by these creative kiddos.