When Mom Can’t Get Baby to Eat His Green Beans, Dad Takes up The Challenge

Not a lot of kids are big fans of vegetables. If you have a little one, you probably know how hard it is to get them to eat veggies. Sometimes you try to disguise the veggies with other food, and sometimes you try stupid tricks, but most of the time, even those don’t work. The next time you have any trouble, just do what this dad does in the video below!

This dad has found a perfect solution to help you get your kids to eat vegetables. The baby sits in his highchair to eat. And that is when the dad starts singing about green beans. The baby is really entertained with his dad’s rendition of ‘Lean On Me,’ and he starts eating without even protesting a single time. He probably might be one of the few kids who enjoy their greens.

This dad sings his own version of a song about green beans to the tune of ‘Lean On Me,’ and the little tike seems to really enjoy it. Maybe it’s because his dad can actually sing. He has a great voice and can definitely carry a tune.

The funny part of this clip is actually when the baby takes his first bite of green beans. He does so without protest, but I’m not sure green beans is really what he was expecting. He scrunches his face up like, ‘What? I thought this was pie!’ But he keeps eating them – as long as dad keeps singing.

When Mom Can\'t Get Baby to Eat His Green Beans, Dad Takes up The Challenge