Two Kids, One Jar Of Candy, Will Her Saintly Patience Run Out?

This kids’ candy challenge tests the patience of a well-mannered, good-natured toddler against a bowl of candy. Will the curious kiddy manage to hold out, or will the sweet craving win?

Kids love candy, but there is no substitute for a mother’s love. Will will win out over a bowl of candy when mom leaves the room? She knows she isn’t supposed to touch it in this adorable, touching video.

For thirty seconds, she is happy-go-lucky, for a while, even counting the candies. How long do you think it’ll take before the novelty distraction? You’ll be surprised!

By a minute she’s screaming so it can’t be long, right? The adorable two-year-old girl stairs down that jar of candy lasting as she can, but her little brother is up next, and he is only one-year-old. Now that’s funny.