Twin babies recognize mom’s hymn from before birth

Nothing is more precious than seeing happy and healthy smiling babies—the perfect medicine to turn any frown upside down. What about the beautiful sound of two babies singing along with their mother? Just precious all around.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

This was the scenario when Natalie Ledbetter began singing a sweet and peaceful tune to her small infants. As Natalie describes, her twin babies were four months old at the time of the video. Still, they were born prematurely, adjusting their actual age to just two months.

Describing the adorable exchange with her smiley twins, “Our sweet baby twins have heard this song since they were in the womb. When I began singing, they instantly lit up and knew exactly what to do.”

Image Credit: Madly Odd

The excited mother would go on to share the sweet moment between mother and baby with the world via social media, which would send the aww-moment into viral status—amassing tons of views and melting hearts.

The combination of the adorable twin babies and their mother’s gorgeous singing voice is enough to warm anyone’s tear ducts. An amazing heartfelt video that’ll gladly light up your day because, again, who can deny the fantastic smile of a cute baby?

Image Credit: Madly Odd

There’s something magical about how the twin babies’ faces light up when they recognize the hymn their mother is singing. A sight of pure delight and joy as they remember the closeness with their mother.

An adorable lullaby rendition of “Consider the Lilies” by The Hemphills to make your day filled with pure sunlight and joyful memories. Just like the joy this mother brought to her small children.

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Twin babies recognize mom\'s hymn from before birth