Twin babies do the Riverdance while playing at home

There is nothing quite like an infant that makes their own fun. As these twin babies Riverdance, the world watches the cutest dance battle.

Have you ever walked out of a room for a second and came back into something completely different? The parents of these twin sisters had a good laugh when they walked in on the siblings doing an Irish stepdance.

It wasn’t that bad for infants that lacked training from a prestigious dance school. They saddled up and got the job done, creating a video that has been watched over a million times.

Once they finished bouncing around to one tune, it quickly changed to another. Next thing you know, the two sisters are dancing to club music.

Oddly enough, the Riverdance doesn’t look that much different than club dancing. They still get extra points for effort and a maximum rating for cuteness. The parents posted the video not expecting much more than a few likes.

A few weeks later, the dancing siblings turned into one of the biggest stories on YouTube. Although this phenomenal video turned into a one and done thing, it has still created an impressive following. The twin siblings have permanently sashayed their way into video infamy, and will never leave our hearts.

Twin babies do the Riverdance while playing at home