Sweetest little baby boy fights sleep in heart tugging video

Baby Leo Jones is the epitome of precious. In this viral video shot by his mommy, Lisa, Baby Leo nods his head and shuts his eyes, only to pop them back open again with a sweet grin.

Leo is sitting in his car seat, and as soon as sleep seemingly overtakes him, he resists again. As many parents of little ones know, catching Zs can be tricky business for curious characters like Leo.

Perhaps the sweetest part of the video is the connection between mother and son. A faint “I love you” from Mommy can be heard as Leo fixes his gaze toward her. Any mom will tell you that’s just about the best feeling in the world.

The clip has over 8 million views since its posting. “I always come back to this video because he is the cutest baby ever. That smile warms my heart so much!!! I’ve been watching it for over three years now!” says one viewer.

Another remarks, “Such a lucky mum to have this delightful memory of her little man.”

These simple moments are the ones parents look back and cherish as their little ones grow big in the blink of an eye. Thanks to this video, so many others can enjoy Leo and his mommy’s simple moment too.

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Sweetest little baby boy fights sleep in heart tugging video