Karen Carpenter’s Song Mesmerises Baby And He Tries To Sing Along

The cutest thing in life is the happy, jolly expressions on a sweet baby’s face. Four-month-old baby Adler’s mother took him to her friend’s house one day, where her friend put Adler’s car seat on the kitchen table and started singing to him.

At first, the baby watches in awe as he listens to the song, then he starts to smile. Soon he begins to lip sing along with the lady singing to him. His expressions are cute enough to melt any heart. As he lip sings, you can also hear the whispering of the baby as he “sings” along with the song.

The video of Baby Adler and his cute expressions, while listening to Karen Carpenter’s song “I need to be in love,” is one of the most beautiful videos you will ever see. The video, which is on Youtube, has already been watched by over three million viewers. The link to the video is below.